Saxes Trumpets Trombones Clarinet Flutes Tubas Oboes Bassoons Tenor Horns Euphoniums Sousaphones. You name it, I've had something to do with them.

Since starting to play music at a very early age, I had always been interested in Brass instruments, as i grew up playing trumpet, trombone and tuba. When I moved to Melbourne in 1999, I was rewarded with the rare chance to take an apprenticeship under Brian Ebert, of Melbourne Brass and Woodwind. I also studied under Ian Gordon, who has a wealth of knowledge of woodwind instruments, and has oboes sent to him from as far as Hong Kong on a regular basis.

In 2001 I visited the Yamaha factories in Hamamatsu, Japan, and toured the factory gaining knowledge of mass production of high quality instruments.

In 2002 I visited the Kanstul factory in Anaheim, Los Angeles, and Zig Kanstul showed me through the factory, and allowing me to stay and ask questions regarding all aspects of the manufacture of trumpets and trombones on a smaller scale.

In 2011, I spent a week at the Schagerl factory in Mank, Austria, learning about the delicate nature of handmade trumpets and trombones. The guys at the Schagerl factory really took me in and no tool or question was out of bounds. I had a fabulous week there learning about the small production line, and about their exemplary repair services. Most probably the best trumpets in the word.

So......from a stuck mouthpiece (no charge) to a major overhaul or just replacement springs on a student trumpet, I would be glad to help. I believe that there is no secret when it comes to the maintenance and repair of musical instruments, and I try to incorporate ongoing feedback and knowledge from the customer. I believe that by explaining to the instruments' owner what, why and how I have done what I have done, they can rest assured the job is done right, but also get a better grasp of how to maintain their instrument, and how to avoid regular trips to the the repairman. 

I am happy to replace a single pad or cork, or remove a single dent. All small jobs like this will be quoted individually.
Please call me to get an over the phone quote on 0413 45 2244.

A General guide is below. But, as no two jobs are ever the same, each instrument will be individually quoted prior to undertaking work.

Trumpet, Trombone, Cornet, Tenor Horn.
Remove dents, chemically clean and polish throughout, align all slides, valves, replace felts and corks where necessary, Lubricate all moving parts, re-assemble and test play. Between $50-$120

Strip down joints, wash body, and wipe up keywork. Replace worn pads, felts, corks, straighten any bent keys, seal toneholes if chipped. Lubricate entire mechanism and remove excess play. Re-assemble and test play. Between $70-$150

Strip down top joint, Replace pads that need it, close leaks on other pads, remove dents and excess play in keywork, make play throughout. $85-$220

Please call me for more information, or for a personal quote. 0413 45 2244